My brand of the year 2010…..

So there have been many campaigns that have caught the eye this year from multiple brands. The advent of new technology and budgets being shifted to digital channels have allowed brands and agencies alike to create more engaging and more customer focused campaigns.

I am a huge fan of Diesels work in general but their Be Stupid campaign was epic even by their standards. The whole idea of manifesting a new way of life through the brand and the campaign showcased Diesel’s creativity and was spot on for their target market. Below are the video and my favourite ads.

They followed this up with more brilliance right at the end of the year with their fresh bright superhero campaign complete with ’70’s-esc soundtrack.

Ikea had another good year thanks to Mother London and Cake. First up was ‘Ikea Cats’ where they let 100 cats loose in the Wembley branch at night and then their update of ‘Ikea kitchens’ which spawned a top 20 hit.

However, in mind there is only one winner in 2010 and that is Nike. I don’t think a week went passed without me tweeting or posting something that they had launched/created. Whether it was creating graphic novels, using recycled magazines to create trainers, creating a better world, exploring the ‘I’m making myself’ theme through their women’s range, using postcodes to create the almost brilliant running challenge ‘The Grid’,the creation of the social media based game ‘I am Playr’ in conjunction with We R Interactive or making a ‘Symphony of Sneakers’ with Hifana, a Japanese breakbeat musical duo, Nike have pushed the boundaries on all fronts.

Their true triumph, however, was the highjacking of the world cup. Their Write the future campaign set a new record for most views of a viral video ad in its debut week with a staggering 7.8m views!! Before the official video was made private it had over 10m views, with the series of making of videos receiving several hundred thousand views each.

This was truly Nikes year and from what I hear there will be more brilliance to come in 2011 and I, for one, can’t wait.

Here’s the Write the Future ad in its full 3 minute glory. Enjoy