The XX Coexist Launch

As we all know the music industry is going through somewhat of a tough time. Personally,  I think this is a great thing as it means that the labels and bands themselves have get a bit cleverer. For example, Lady GaGa just said that she would be releasing her next album as an interactive app.

But, the really clever idea came from the Kaiser Chiefs when they releaseed their album ‘The Future is Medieval’.  They created a socially enabled platform that allowed fans to create their own album of 10 tracks from a list of 20, download their own bespoke album for a very reasonable £7.50 and then sell said album through their social sphere and take a £1 cut. Could this be the future of music? It could well be.

Now we come to The XX and their release Coexist. They ran an experiment where they gave a single fan the location on the website below which hosted the entire album. The experiement started on the 3rd of September and ended on the 11th (the release date). On the website they created an interactive map that showed how and where the stream was shared around the world. When the album was released it debuted at no 1 in The UK (their first) Belgium, New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland, No. 2 in Canada and No.5 in the USA.

If the industry can keep evolving and blurring the worlds of physical and digital this well (imagine xbox connect integration) then ilegal downloads will become far less of a worry.

Click here for the beautiful Coexist site