It’s Anyone’s Game in The Consumer Electrics Playing Field

Emerging markets and older age groups are continuing to strengthen their importance as consumers according to the latest report on global consumer electronics products and services usage by Accenture. For the past 6 years Accenture has conducted research to identify and track consumer trends and this time the research covered 11 countries and included a quantitative online study of over 11,000 respondents.

The research uncovered 4 specific trends

1 – Consumers are focusing on fewer, multi-function devices.

2 – Consumers are becoming platform (OS) agnostic

3 – Consumers are becoming more savvy and are more likely to search and seek out technologies that best meet their needs, rather than making do with what they have.

4 – The consumerisation of the workplace is being fuelled by multi-function mobile devices.

You can read/download the full report here. Well worth a read