Britain is Shit

“Britain is a fantastic place to live: a modern thriving society”, states the Home Office’s guide for would-be British citizens. But not for would-be immigrants from the poorest EU states —Romania and Bulgaria—who are expected to literally invade the country after the lifting of the labour market restrictions in 2014.

As The Guardian reported, in a move to protect Britain from a new wave of immigration the UK government is expected to launch an anti-immigration public advertising campaign centered upon the negative facts that immigrants would face in Britain (unfavourable climate, lack of jobs, high prices and low salaries – add your favourite here) and persuade potential immigrants to stay away from the UK and probably choose other wealthy EU states like Germany, for example.

The news has provoked the usual outrage and ‘funny’ quips from adlands best ‘creatives’, all over which ever is the social media darling this week. The Drum have gone beyond the limits and introduced their own art contest for the best negative ad campaign entitled “Britain is Sh*t”.

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