Google Glass – the latest

So after lots of talk and concept videos google have released a video showing Google glass in ‘real-world’ situations (condoning creating hangouts whilst piloting a plane is a little suspect, but bare with it.) Time to forget all of the wonderful futuristic Minority Report-esc functions and get real. Gone are the little circles and Pop-Up Video notifications. Instead, users will view everything though a single pane in the top right of the glasses. Everything from Google searches to notifications to hangouts seemingly happen in this one space — rather than dancing around the field of vision like in earlier concept videos. This my not be bad thing as it is a lot easier for the user to consume the information. However, what happens when you need to see multiple pieces of content at once?

Google are also running a competition so that non-tech peeps can get their hands on a pair. All you have to be in the running is:

Use the hashtag #ifihadglass and make sure in no longer than 50 words you say why you should have a pair

Oh, and move to the US as it is stateside only

and pay $1,500.


Frankly, Google Glass is in no way ready for market yet and may not be this year, but what you can be sure of is that unlike Apple, Google will bide its time and release them when they (and more importantly – we) are 100% ready. Until then expect more pictures on Mr Brin on the subway and flashy PR videos.