Siri for Photoshop – PixelTone from Adobe


So it is not exactly a secret that I am a geek so when the clever people over at Adobe research buddies up with the University of Michigan to develop an application that uses natural language, spoken or written, in conjunction with standard user interface controls and gestures, to edit images, my interest was naturally peaked.

They began by thinking what would Siri for Photoshop look like? What would you say to it? How would you interact with it? How much more creative and how much simpler could our image editing experiences be?

Oh, to have the time to ponder such questions and develop the answer (not bitter at all!)

What they have come up with is only a concept (at the moment), but you can see from the video below that it could change the way that we create images forever. I for one would love to get my hands on this and am much more excited by this than any Google Glass or PS4.

Click here for the article in its full wonderful geekery