Adidas Unites All Originals

There is no hiding the fact that I am team Nike. However, I have always had a soft spot for the 3 stripes. In fact, one of my favourite ever ads came from Mr Dassler back in 2007 where their key athletes told their stories through stick man drawings (see below).

Simple. Beautiful. Brilliant.

(Oddly enough, those three words are usually found in my ramblings about Nike.)

So to the campaign in hand.

In an effort is designed to inspire the brand’s fans through a series of ‘truly unconventional’ music and visual art pieces by international creatives from various areas.The major online hub for the 2013 brand campaign unveils a so-called “adidas collider” that serves the most original mixed content from artists, who unite to create something very special.

So enough with the schpeel. Adidas has basically enlisted a load of ‘kool kids’ to drive fans to do something online. Marketing 101 right? However, it continues to surprise me how many brands fail to do this well and in reality there are very few brands who can pull this off consistently well. Luckily for Mr Dassler’s team, they are one of them.

The only problem with this is that if you switched out the Adidas logo out for a RedBull Music academy one, would you notice? Even though I do like this ad, think that it works and totally understand why more and more brands are trying to be media owners, it’s remains a fine line between being a branded media owner that is true to the original brand identity and just being a content hub.

Hermann Deininger, CMO of the adidas brand noted: “The adidas collider is the perfect execution to bring ‘Unite All Originals’ to life”. It is an innovative way of navigating content across the web, showcasing many different types of originality; from music producers to designers and digital artists to sculptors. The adidas collider is the next step in how we will approach our consumer digitally bringing him or her to the forefront of culture and showcasing how adidas Originals brings people together to create new forms of originality.”

Hmm, quite.

So in the eternal battle for middle earth between Nike and Adidas, I think we are back on even terms.

You’re up Nike.