Google & Adidas create the talking shoe

Google and adidas Have Unveiled a Talking Shoe, Not for Sale – POPSOP—Fastest News on Brands: Advertising, Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, Sustainability










When I was growing up if people said that your shoes were talking it meant that the sole was hanging off and it was probably time to get a new pair of kickers or wallabies.

Oh, how times have changed.

As part of the Google’s longing to be ‘down with the kids’ they are partnering with lot’s of cooler brands to give credibility to their technological advances. Today it is Adidas.

Building on their earlier contributions to the wearable electronics trend, they have create a pair of shoes that come to be a true ‘walking-and-talking sneaker’. The new sneaker in the iconic Google color palette was created in collaboration with artist Zach Lieberman and YesYesNo. The embedded accelerometer, a gyroscope, pressure sensors, Bluetooth and other features allow the smart talking sneaker to share the wearer’s action on Google+ through a mobile app, if he or she agrees.

Pretty cool, but don’t go smashing the piggy bank open just yet as unfortunately, this is just a concept.

But, for how long?