BHF – Cigarette Hijack app










To celebrate 30th annual No Smoking Day The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has pledged to hijack cigarette packs from today, by virtually transforming them in smokers’ hands into items they could afford if they quit.

The charity is encouraging smokers to “swap fags for swag” by thinking about how much money they could save if they quit.

The charity has developed a new smartphone app, Blippar, which virtually transforms a cigarette pack into a puff of smoke, before revealing items they could afford with a week, month, or year’s worth of smoking savings.

Whilst I have voiced my opinion on AR on many occassions in the past, and will continue to harp on about it, I think this is a great use of the technology and best of all shows that AR is not just for the Cadburys’ Cokes of the world.