Chrome Experiment – Chrome Maze

I am a big fan of the Google Chrome Experiments and when I heard about this one I was very excited. The seamless linking of devices is one of my favourite things and when done right can be brilliant. So having watched the quite brilliant video that the superstars from Google Japan have created I opened up chrome on my iPhone 4s (I am already logged in and synced across all devices so this took a few steps out of the process for me) and was ready to go.

What happened next, to put it lightly sucked.

Phone and Mac were synced perfectly, but all I could do was make the ball jump. Every tilt did nothing, apart from change the page orientation on my mobile each time. I was reduced to using my keyboard, which whilst fun isn’t anything new.

This is apparently not an Android only project and I’ll happily take all of the above back if it actually works cross device, but from my experience it promised a lot and delivered little.