Cool Things I’ve Seen This Week

Facebook and Google are lobbying to alter international law so that they can bring their drone/balloon powered internet to the the world

Google are also trying to make mobile web pages load faster. They could just limit the sizes of the files within their vast mobile display network, but I doubt that will happen.

Microsoft want to turn your whole front room into a game zone and will be releasing the developer version of their HoloLens headset in January – and if you want to apply (and have $3k burning a whole in your pocket click here)

Delivering real time news is a hot topic this week with both Twitter (Moments) and Reddit (Upvoted) making a play to be the go to place for breaking news by launching pretty much the same service……

This guy makes $1.3m a month by reviewing toys. Yep.

Facebook have released a new set of API’s for media partners to drive further second screen interaction

Stat of the week – 4bn videos are viewed on Facebook everyday (Q1 2015 figures).

And finally….

Boffins at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, have found that the euphoria runners feel when finishing is created by internally created cannabinoids which deliver the same effect as marijuana. Running the Marathon seems less horrible now 🙂