Cool Things I’ve Seen This Week

Youtube has launched a subscription service that will give you ad free YouTube called YouTube Red. For $9.99 a month you will also get a full subscription to Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Our you could just add the D&AD ad blocker and just watch great ads instead.

Meanwhile, Facebook is not content with trying to steal YouTube’s crown anymore, they are going after search in a big way. They announced this week that they have indexed more than a Trillion posts that when searched will deliver a personalised curated feed. Zuck is also working on a deathstar and will shortly be taking over the world…

In the murky world of patent wars there has been an unlikely winner. The University of Wisconsin has won a copyright infringement case against Apple relating to their integration of microchip technology in the latest iPhone. Apple must pay $234m in damages (considering that have $203bn in cash reserves I’m sure they will not miss it!) but the precedent this sets could cost a lot more for the wider industry.

Amazon posted better than expected results this week driving the share price up 11%. They are also cracking down on fake reviewers by filing a lawsuit against 1,000 people in what could become a landmark case. Watch this space.

Google backed Magic Leap is raising close to a billion dollars in the latest round of funding. They are probably the biggest tech company you have never heard of and are taking on Occulus and Hololens in the AR/VR space in a big way.

The clever folks at Hyper Island have created a collection of the methods and activities to drive creativity and collaboration within the workplace. Well worth a look.

Stat of the week – 300. You are born with 300 bones, by the time you are an adult you will have 206.

And finally….

After years of protests, angry tweets and demanding celebs apple have finally launched a champagne emoji. Tacos, robot heads, unicorns and popcorn also feature in their latest iOS update. Now drunken texts can be little classier. A little.