Cool Things I’ve Seen This Week

(Bumper edition)

Twitters woes continue this week with its stock tumbling 10% just hours after delivering their worse than anticipated 4th quarter revenue forecasts. This comes at the same time as it was announced that both their UK Head of Telco and Tech and one of their sales leads have jumped ship to Snapchat who have just opened in London. I think the next 6 months will define not only the future of Twitter, but also have a huge impact on what is now being perceived as the over valuation of the wider social/digital universe.

It couldn’t be more different down the road at Facebook HQ where they became the worlds biggest publisher with the full roll out of instant articles, signed up the entire RBS workforce (some 100,000 of them) to their Facebook at Work platform, ramped up notifications to include TV show reminders, sports scores and more, rolled out the next stage of their quest for social video domination and finally, and most importantly, announced that they are killing off Candy Crush invites!

The rise of Uber seems to be unstoppable. Fresh from ‘winning’ the right to continue in the UK they are now raising another $1b in financing to expand into more avenues which will bring their value to $70bn. For perspective, this makes them bigger than eBay, Time Warner and PayPal.  What’s clear is that they are not going away and everyone from DHL to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group should be worried.

Yahoo! Made a play in the lucrative market of sports entertainment by streaming the first ever live NFL game online. This is however not the first time that an online platform has tried to break the TV domination of sports. Way back in 2011, through a partnership with then sponsors Budweiser, Facebook streamed an FA Cup game. I genuinely think that this is one of the last big battle grounds and in the next few years don’t be surprised if you see Facebook and Google fighting SKY and BT for rights.

More on innovative uses of holograms this week with a great Russian campaign to stop people parking in disabled parking spaces, and an ‘acoustic hologram’  tractor beam that is able to move objects with sound.

Google are fighting back against Facebooks efforts to take over search by launching Customer Match. This allows brands to integrate a users search activity with known CRM data to personalise messaging anyway on any device. However,  spare a thought for this Google employee who lives in a truck in their car park so he can save 90% of his salary.

With lots of 3-D printers sat around in agency ‘Innovation labs’ gathering dust ecpect to see more things like these Adidas printed shoes coming around.

Stat of the week – $7.9bn. the estimated global consumer spend on Halloween

And finally….

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays, but do you know the real story behind it? This should clear it up for you. A bit of fun if you want to run away from zombies and for those of your who are Parks and Recs fan, here is John Raphio in what is one of the weirdest Halloween videos I have ever seen.