Cool Things I’ve Seen This Week

Merino Park continues to be busy this week with 13 more UK based publishers signing up for Instant Articles. The announcement was made at a time when the CMO of News UK said that Facebook ‘has a duty of care to make Instant Articles a much more compelling proposition’. Replace ‘compelling’ with money making and we may be a little closer to the truth. As with most of their spin off apps they are forcing users to download their Moments app if you want your photos auto synced. They are also caving somewhat over their ‘real name’ policy to allow a workaround and you can now order an Uber through FB Messenger. Stage 1 of FB becoming the internet is nearing completion…

In a move that further proves the love in that tech companies have with the publishing industry, Chinese mega company Alibaba is buying The South China Post for $266m.

So we all know Pewdiepie and Zoella are worth gazillions dollars, but spare a thought for the ‘middle class’ of Vloggers who are as likely to be making your mocha-frappa-chino as they are to be on stage with real celebrities.

The Royal Mint have produced a beautiful brand identity book and have showcased it on Flickr (remember that?). Well worth a look, really nicely put together.

2 years ago when Apple bought social analytics firm Topsy for $200m everyone thought it was a bit odd as Apple famously ‘don’t do social’. Well they have announced this week that they are closing it down. Rumors are that they used the social analytics firms’ algorithm to overlay social data on iTunes accounts to better target users. Creepy/Clever

Star Wars is a lesson on how license a franchise with over 100 partners involved. Google have been all over this and you can now fight the good fight against the Empire with this Chrome experiment. They have also turned their sights on Uber with the announcement that their self driving car’s will offer rides for hire. Minority Report is nearly here.

The boffin’s at Cern announced this week that they have discovered a new particle and it is a bit of a big deal.

Stat of the week – 36%. The amount of total US bandwidth taken up by streaming Netflix

And finally….

As its Christmas here is something to get us all in the mood.