Cool Things I’ve Seen This Week

Geek hero Elon Musk announced this week that Tesla’s will now have a feature called ‘Summon’ which will allow drivers to park their car, without even being in the car. How will they make this available to all current drivers? A software update. He also said that he expects the range of his cars to extend to allow coast to coast travel on a single charge within 2-3 years and discussed why he isn’t worried by the worst kept secret in tech (Apple are developing an electric car)

One company who may well be worried about Apple moving in on their territory is Spotify. Apple Music now has 10 million paid subscribers. Whilst this amounts to less than half of Spotify’s subscribers, it only took Apple 6 months to get there whereas Spotify took just short of 5 years. This announcement comes at a time where Spotify are under attack once again from artists for ‘unlawful conduct’ with the new $200m lawsuit. Spotify is well known for having deep pockets and settling these disputes, but Apple have the deepest pockets of all.  

The mighty Forbes were left red faced this week news came out that after asking readers to disable adblockers on their site, they immediately fed them malware.  Ooops. It is for this the real reason adblockers will thrive and online ads are doomed argues @Violetblue who is well worth a follow.

So having conquered pretty much everything else Jeff Bezos has had enough of everyone talking about Netflix and the awards they win. He is throwing his weight behind an initiative for Amazon Prime Video that will see it produce 16 feature films a year with the prime objective of winning an Oscar. And to be honest, who would bet against him? 

Beijing Kunlun Tech has bough a controlling stake in Grindr for $93m. The app currently receives 2 million visitors a day and operates in 196 countries and has up until now been self funded. The app has always struggled with growth across Asia and China especially where gay people face widespread discrimination, so this could be one to watch over the coming months.

Bad week for Go-Pro after they had to write down profits and confirm that they were cutting 7% of their staff. Shares dropped as much as 24% in the company for the first time in recent time anyway is starting to suffer from increased competition within the market.

Our friends at Canvas8 have put together an interesting look at consumer trends for the year and you can read the preso here.

Stat of the week – 40%. The per quarter growth of Uber globally 

And finally….

Everyone over a certain age will remember and love Robot Wars and will surely have rejoiced at news this week that it is being brought back. So get ready to welcome Sir Killalot and his friends back. For those of you too young to remember here at the top ten robot wars.