Cool Things I’ve Seen This Week



There is something beautifully calming about this week’s video. As part of their Five Years Out programme, Arrow Electronics have shown that using small elements and making small changes to create absolute precision we can make something beautiful. Enjoy.


Mixed week for Team Zuck with India blocking their Free Basics programme and one of their most vocal shareholders making some very ill advised comments, France giving them three months to stop tracking non-members or face stern charges and then there was the less than stellar launch of their not-so-much-real-time sports stadium. On the plus side, 1 in 7 people on the planet now uses Whatsapp. Swings and roundabouts hey…


VR is big on the agenda this week with Google and Apple announcing and releasing new headsets. This is a big move as they will be on sale for far less than $1k price tag that is being banded around for Rift or HoloLens. This may just be them hedging their bets on whether it takes off or it maybe a less than polite middle figure gesture to Facebook and Microsoft, either way the VR market is heating up.


Stat of the week 75m. The number of subscribers globally that Netflix now has. In context that is more than the entire population of the UK (64M).


And finally….

In a scientific collaboration of 90 academics from 15 different countries, a load of lasers and a cool $1bn, scientists have proved that Einstein’s theory about the existence of gravitational waves is indeed true. LIGO has been searching for this phenomenon since 2002 and they now have we have detectors able detect these signals and we know binary black holes are out there we will be listening to the universe.