Cool Things I’ve Seen This Week

Magic Leap the unicorn that worth billions even though it hasn’t really made anything yet, continues to leak out incredible videos of their tech only to very publicly pull them shortly after. Vr continues to both dazzle and confuse.

We have all complained about our broadband/fibre being rubbish right? And whilst most of use take to twitter to rant at said company in the vain hope our influencer score is high enough for them to care, American Airlines have taken a different route: Litigation. This could set a very interesting precedent if they win.

Twitter’s stock may be falling quicker than Louis Van Gaal’s, and their growth or real users may have hit a wall, but good news is that they are adding cartoon characters. Well, one at least with Homer J Simpson hosting a live Q&A during an episode to be screen soon. Hey, at the moment they will take any new users they can get right?

And Finally – 

What’s eating Gilbert Grape. The Aviator. Blood Diamond. The Wolf. The Revenant. (How the departed is not on this list I will never know) So Leo has just got his sixth Oscar nomination and this really could be the year that he seals the deal having swept the BAFTA’s and The Globes. Whilst we wait and he practises his best ‘I-am-really-happy-for-you’ face we can feel his rage in the fabulous ‘Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage’. Say goodbye to your productivity.

Stat of the Week – 275 – The number of stores former millennial favourite Abercrombie and Fitch has closed since 2010. In context Amazon will open 400 this year. Ouch